David Graham for Governor of Delaware

David Graham

David C. Graham, a native son and familiar name in Delaware politics, was home-birthed at 86 S. Main Street in Kenton on Thursday, April 29, 1954 at 8:05 p.m. by local family doctor, Richard Comegys of Clayton.

In November 2000, after nine years of being drug “bassackwards” thru the family courts of two states facilitated by corrupt and dishonest judges and lawyers culminating in a victorious custody jurisdiction case (Butler vs Grant-pseudonyms) before the Delaware Supreme Court  (en banc) Dave Graham emerged determined to one day be elected governor of Delaware to have the political power to reform the Family Court of Delaware.
Graham was no political novice in 2000, inasmuch as he was the treasurer for Dover State Senator John C. Still IIi in 1988 when incumbent State Senator Jake Zimmerman was defeated.

Furthermore, in April 1977, Dave Graham was elected Goldey Beacom College student government president, was a Newark delegate to the 1982 Republican State Convention, and served from 1989 to 1990 as Republican chairman of the 29th Representative District.
A thorough review this website supplying Mr. Graham’s political, educational, military, professional, leadership, and community background supports his campaign slogan:

“The qualified Republican for governor of Delaware”